Artist Statement

After receiving my Business Degree from Pepperdine University, I told my husband I wanted to do something fun for a change. In 2003, I signed up for an art class and have not stopped painting.  I started out painting with watercolor and then went on to add acrylic, oil and pastels. Watercolor is my favorite.
I love the vibrant colors watercolor painting provides. It’s always so exciting to watch the pigment and the water meet and see where it takes me! When someone views my art I always hope to stir something within them.

Hopefully, they have a positive experience, but even if it is negative, it is an emotion:  this is my goal. Painting allows me to tell a story and expose the story to others as they encounter my art. I find myself learning how I might improve my techniques from the viewer if I will just carefully listen.

I teach lessons to adults and children in available art venues around the Kansas City, Mo area. The experience of showing a student how to manage the water and paint and then see a picture come alive is a great joy!

A big ‘Thank You’ to all the Artist who I have studied under in weekly lessons, workshops and CD classes.

Phyllis Doyon of Camarillo, CA. – Phyllis taught me to love big and bold colors. Phyllis served on the Board of Directors National Watercolor Society.
Tom Fong of Southern CA. – Featured in many of the National and International watercolor magazines. Fun workshops!
John Lovett of Australia. – CD Workshops. John is on my bucket list to attend one of his workshops when he comes to the US.
George James inspires me to continue my love for Yupo painting through studying his CD workshops.
Local Kansas City artist I’ve had the honor of studying under include Jim Ryon, Teddy Jackson and Ryan Delgado.

I currently serve on the Board of Director for Summit Art, Lee’s Summit, MO.
I am a juried artist in Summit Art Association and have been a member of the Independence Art Association in Independence, MO and served as President of Summit Art, in Lee’s Summit, MO.

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